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Programming will become more important as every day goes by, and 2012 is Code Year. Will it be the year you learn to code and join the ranks of the creators?

Mike Bloomberg Is A Smart Businessman, That’s Why He’s Learning To Code

The founder of Codeacademy explains why learning how to program is the best job security you can have, and how a knowledge of code is the best way to improve the economy and the planet.

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The Australian Open ended with a men’s tennis final for the history books, as Novak Djokovic of Serbia ground out a win against Spaniard Rafael Nadal in an “epic” match that lasted a record six hours, into the early morning hours, Melbourne time. “Numbers, and there were many of them… do not sum up the emotional power of this duel, which deserves a place among the most riveting matches in the modern history of the sport,” says The New York Times’ Christopher Clarey. But it’s hard to grasp the significance of this “match for the ages” without the numbers:

  • 5 hours 53 minutes
    Length of Sunday’s Djokovic-Nadal match, a record when it comes to international tennis finals
  • 1:37 am
    Time at which the match finally ended, in local time
  • 4 hours 54 minutes
    Previous record, a 1988 U.S. Open match between Mats Wilander and Ivan Lendl

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